Those born here should be "rich men" and then "poor".

The first day, CASA, represents the domestic life, the "security" and the "happiness" of the house, but also the darkness, the forgetfulness and the intrigues.
The Trecena is considered evil: a bad death awaited those who were born IN IVICAN QUIZAZ, "either by falling into the hands of their enemies and being sacrificed, or by being surprised in adultery and stoned to death."
ITZAPAPALOTL "Butterfly of the Obsidian" or ITZCUYE "The One with the Knife Skirt", a deity with claws, a courageous and dangerous goddess of protection. The divine arrowhead is the EAGLE WOMAN, who died at birth and became a goddess, who returns at night from the ambush, as a ghoulish ghost encouraging men to be brave in the war. She is worshiped by the panthers.

The flowering tree, symbol of the wise rulers and the brotherhood of a beautiful past. IT BECAME BROKEN: discontinuity, violent dissolution, death.
Quails are decapitated.
Around the tree are
initially jewels, riches. Then: the red spider of shame and the serpent of vices: poisonous tongues and danger.


High: 27cm

Front: 20 cm

Depth: 20 cm

Circumference: 55 cm

Vase material: Ceramic

Vase weight; 1.45 k