100% handmade sgraffito black clay products.

Our pieces are made individually from their mold, steps to shine (100 percent by hand) and finally sgraff them.

Black clay is of diverse origin, but it is known that Zapotecs and Mixtecs worked with perfect mastery on black clay.

The shine of black clay has its origin when it is discovered that by using a piece of quartz on a freshly baked ceramic pot, it could obtain a very special and precious shine.

Once the polishing of these pieces is finished by hand, they begin to be sgraffito (it consists of making small incisions on the piece, so that the lower cover is exposed, making it seem that it would be the work of a painting above the black of the vessel .

This technique used in our products is different from the openwork technique, which is the one that you can find more easily in Mexico.
These are part of our line products that we handle.